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Below you will find a variety of software designed to complement your Steely Dan online experience. Though the band supports our efforts in making these programs available to you at no charge, they do not support this software directly. If you have problems or questions, please consult the Tech Support area for more information.

Let's just get this out of the way right now - Apple Macintosh is not supported. Many apologies. Please read our statement regarding this before you flame us.

The Complete Digital Steely Dan v4.0

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP only. Windows Vista users download and install at your own risk... Not supported on Apple or Linux.

New from the fusty founders of this virtual clinic on the hill...

What with the commencing of the "Heavy Rollers Tour 2007" just around the corner and all - we thought it appropriate to dust off the old "Complete Digital Steely Dan" and bump it to an aptly bodacious Rev. 4.0.

This latest release includes material related to the Dan's Summer 2006 Tour, Fagen's 2006 release "Morph The Cat" and his subsequent tour in support of it. It features new sound clips, tour related articles, pictures, CD promotional material and much more!

So, download it now! It's FREE for crissakes! Even Kathy Berbarian knows, this is one killer App no serious Dan fan should be without.
Everybody take a moment and thank Joe Murtha, the author of this software, for all his hard work.

Download CDSD 4.0

The Screensavers

These screen savers feature sound and graphics from the two studio albums released by the band in the new millenium, Two Against Nature and Everything Must Go. Sound can be disabled, which is a nice feature if you're at work. Once again Joe Murtha is the MAN. Thanks Joe!

Download the Everything Must Go Screen Saver

Download the Two Against Nature Screen Saver


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